Feeling weary? Exercise to relieve stress


Feeling stressed ?
Feeling stressed ?

Take a good look around you. Studies conducted by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare conclude that about 60% of people are suffering from some form of stress at any given moment. That's an alarming rate considering it is more than double that of the United States or Europe!

Stress can causes physical and emotional disorders that affect your overall health as well as influence your personal and professional relationships. Insomnia, headaches and other illnesses can also be caused by stress, potentially leading to high blood pressure, heart disease or even cancer.

A typical working day for the majority in Japan means commuting over an hour in horrendously packed trains and then ending the day in a drinking session with colleagues. Alcohol makes a poor stress-reliever in the long run, as it disturbs regular sleeping patterns and thus is a factor increasing the ill effects of stress.

Regular exercise is a popular and effective way to relieve stress. Just 30 minutes of physical activity three to four times a week benefits both mind and body! Combined with adequate sleep and a limited intake of caffeine and alcohol, exercise lessens the impact of a stressful working life. Fitness is the single most important factor for our physical and mental health. No medicine or "genki drink" is even remotely as effective as the positive effect of regular aerobic exercise such as jogging or cycling.

The stress response of the human body is meant to protect and support us, constantly adjusting to the surroundings. Stress can be broken up into two related chemicals known as adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline gives us strength to fight, where cortisol signals weariness. An increased level of fitness allows our system to reap the benefits of adrenaline, while delaying the effects of cortisol. This means you get more energy to get the work done in a shorter period of time while feeling less stressed.

Take charge of your life today! Tie up those shoelaces, jog around the local park, use your mamachari to commute to work it doesn't matter. Thirty minutes of exercise a few times a week is all you need to be in control!

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