Gateway International Center


Gateway International Center

Imagine a center that summons up tantalizing visions of adventure, and of human possibilities yet to be realized. There is wonder in the Garden itself, offering streams to be explored, flowers to be enjoyed, and meditative views of Shonan and the Pacific ocean. A friendly hideaway offers only the freshest of living foods harvested locally. A place where the Autumn nights are so clear the Milky Way can light your walk along a darkened garden path. And always there is the sound of our woodland friends singing their peace songs throughout the night.

And then there are people - the people who love the land; the children who go there to learn, the volunteers who live with the land and maintain a subtle balance of nature and humankind. And our community who come from all over to participate in our center's contest of the body, mind, and spirit, committing themselves not so much to "stronger, faster, higher" as to deeper, richer, more enduring.

The community will come for the intellectual freedom to consider systems of thought and feeling not quite that of the status quo. They will come to discover ancient wisdom and new wisdom through precious experiences of the body, and of the mind traveling eons beyond what we now know, and most importantly experiences of the heart in the pulsing of the blood. Children and adults alike will come to rediscover the miracle of self-awareness. They will come for a new community, and at best, they will come away inspired by the precision of a desire to learn and keep on learning through all of life, and beyond.

By volunteering a little bit of your time, you can help us achieve this goal.

Gateway International Center, a non profit organization putting living values and compassionate communication skills into practice through programs that build healthy minds, bodies, and spirits. Our activities contribute to the Southern Kanagawa Community, the aim being to balance Japanese lifestyle with multi-cultural awareness.

Currently our organization is made up of educational programs, Community Service programs, and Fundraising programs. We work out of a very humble apartment building and make use of rental halls throughout the area.

Our educational programs include a parent child playgroup, English kindergarten, and an after school English enhancement program for advanced or fluent speakers of English.

Our regular Community Service programs consist of an annual Autumn Festival, Beach clean up, monthly life skill workshops, story times, and the Shonan Warriors youth club. We are currently working on an international lounge, one for adults and one for children. These activities are primarily free of charge, or at cost basis.

Our fundraisers consist of a holistically taught English Conversation Program, Music Together, and Summer Camp.

What can you do to help? Volunteers can go to our web page, , then make an appointment to discuss avenues of helping. Or you can join one of our programs and participate in some of our events !

We invite you to join us in the cool mountains of Izu where we launch our new and promising Family Camp. Workshops include Double Dutch roping with famed Nawa Ranger and tennis with Tokyo's own Shai Gigi, yoga with yoga masterAjit of Hiroshima, and more... The camp will feature vegetarian or organic meals, daily sampler classes in yoga, tai chi, and zazen, and of course a trip to a local hotspring! We hope to create a program where like minded people can explore the development of the human potential. Through innovative educational experiences that awaken the best in the human spirit, we hope to provide an opportunity for building peaceful relationships, healthy lifestyle and rich and diverse thought for individuals and society. More can be found at:

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