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Are you looking for fitness and health related articles targeting the foreign community in Japan? We have all the information you need! Browse through our articles, or check back soon as we're constantly out there digging up new and exciting information for you.

Fitness Feature

Fit and fun lifestyles of Japan's international community and the people, activities and events making them happen.

A knightly quest for combat fitness
 »  A knightly quest for combat fitness
 »  Legislated lifestyles for health
 »  Aikido, the Yoshinkan way
 »  Japans silver-label marathons
 »  Yoga gets the last laugh
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The Burn

The inside scoop on tried-and-true methods of fitness training from those in the know.

Run into 2008
 »  Run into 2008
 »  Free fight club
 »  Getting the most from your swim stroke
 »  When teens take to the gym
 »  Beyond skin-deep beauty and health
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Places to go to escape the daily grind and reap the rewards of working out in Japan.

Tattoo you and Japan\’s gyms
 »  Tattoo you and Japan’s gyms
 »  Tennis Anyone?
 »  Gateway International Center
 »  Tone River: the roller coaster of whitewater rafting
 »  The 'Disneyland' of public sports parks
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Vanguard Views

Insider perspectives on sports, fitness and health in the Land of the Rising Sun

Training at Castle Tintagel
 »  Training at Castle Tintagel
 »  Save the world by bike! The 2008 BEE Ride
 »  A try and true rugby training
 »  Cycling to save the Earth
 »  Corporate Japan gives amateur football the nod.
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The Fitness Doctor

EastWest Fitness creator Jeff Libengood's expert advice on topics ranging from athletics to geriatrics.

Roadwork Ahead
 »  Roadwork Ahead
 »  Plyometrics: Not Just for Kids
 »  What works for women who work out
 »  Dining out smart
 »  Health and balance: Your choice - and yours alone!
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