Stress: a philosophical approach

We often read about stress in work and family life. We are aware of its physical and psychological dangers. But do we actually know what stress is and what causes it? Personal trainer Michael Lancaster waxes philosophical on how self-examination can help manage the ill effects of stress.

Posted by : Fitness Japan at 2006-04-14 13:01:42

RE: A Philosophical Approach

G'Day Mike,
Good to see your live and well.
As for your article, not bad, but I found it to be a bit light on for examples. There was a lot said but not really much (I thought)in the way of specifics.I would have liked to have seen more clearer examples of people with stress, and how they could cope. this always seems to help to picture in my own mind how I could work things out.
However you may have only had a limited space for your article and did the best you could under the circumstances. As for combatting stress for myself. I always think of someone 10 times worst off than me. Sounds a little bit negative, but it certainly puts things into perspective.
Anyway I'll give you a thumbs up, 7 out 10.
Cheers Paul McKeown
Posted by : Paul McKeown, Mooloolaba (1 posts) on 2006-05-02 18:39:39

RE: To Paul

Thanks for your reply, Paul. I hoping to say a bit more in the future.There could be a few examples. Stay tuned.
By the way, your method of combatting stress is interesting. I wonder if this is why the TV news is so popular. We can often see people worse off than ourselves. This might give us 1)relief that it is happening to someone else and 2) motivation to keep working to avoid such situations. What do others think about this??
thanks mate
Posted by : Mick L, Tokyo (1 posts) on 2006-05-16 20:46:05

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