Run into 2008

Andrew Ballard has some sound advice on running for fellow members of Tokyo Gaijin Rugby Football Club. But his insights on why, where and how to get started - from finding the right shoes to nutrition tips - ring true for rugby and non-rugby players alike.

Posted by : Fitness Japan at 2007-10-18 13:35:10

RE: Running Shoes for Big Feet

Andrew Ballard said in his "Run into 2008" article:

"For those buying new shoes, fortunately there are ample running shops around Tokyo."

True, but all the ones I’ve tried don’t carry any shoes outside the standard Japanese foot-size range.

Anyone got a lead on shops that stock shoes for those of us with bigger feet?

I’m a U.S. size 12 (U.K. 11, Japanese 30 cm, European 45)
Posted by : Les Coles, Tokyo (1 posts) on 2007-11-01 12:07:58

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