Organizations and Associations

Baloon Sport Club Tokyo

"Balloon sport club TOKYO" is a Japanese Hot Air Balloon club. We enjoy balloning at WATARASE evry weekend. WATARASE is about 60 km from TOKYO.

Ice Skating on Okinawa

Ready to escape the heat on Okinawa? Try ice skating!

InterVoll Volleyball Club

The club's volleyball play is for fun and not competitive. Teams consisting of beginners and advanced players are created at the beginning of practice. Teams go through a rotation that allows each team to play every other team. Once the rotation is complete, new teams are created and a new rotation begins.

Japan Amateur Sports Association (JASA)

The Japan Amateur Sports Association is an organization that encourages everyone in Japan to "enjoy sports" and provides support for the proper and safe conduct of sporting activities. It is also a public-service organization that promotes sports as a unifying body in the Japanese amateur sports world that seeks to improve the physical well-being of the Japanese people and foster the spirit of sports.

Japan Baseball Daily

A five year long project of organizing statistics and biographical material while also endeavoring to write articles on the day to day happenings in NPB.

Japan Basketball League (JBL)

Official website of the Japan Basketball League, complete with player lists of the Superleague and Japan league, as well as updated Game Schedules and Result Tables.

Japan DanceSport Federation (JDSF)

The Japan DanceSport Federation (JDSF) represents the International DanceSport Federation (IDSF) in Japan. The JDSF cooperates with other Amateur DanceSport Organizations of over 60 countries in the world to organize various official international competitions, such as Amateur World Championships and Asia-Pacific Championships, as well as to promote DanceSport. The JDSF, which represents and governs the Amateur DanceSport World in Japan, aims at a contribution toward the sound development of the people both mentally and physically, through the sound promotion of DanceSport.

Japan Falconers Association

This association have been continuing a exchange not only with Japan's association but also with foreigner's. And there are many members who don't have falcons.

Japan Handball League (JHL)

Match schedule and results, current standings, team information and pointers to other handball websites.

Japan Rugby League

Japanese Baseball is a site dedicated to discussion of Professional baseball (Pro Yakyu) in Japan.

Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC)

As a National Olympic Committee constituted in accordance with the Olympic Charter and the ideals of Olympism, the JOC aims to contribute to the promotion of sport by supporting the Olympic Movement, which serves the cause of preserving world peace and developing international goodwill through sport, and by developing and strengthening athletes in Japan.

Jinji Tennis Center

Jinji Tennis Center is now offering private and group tennis lessons for adults and kids, tennis tournaments and competitive programs for the international community in Tokyo

Speed Stacks Japan

It's been called a track meet for your hands at warp speed! It's Sport Stacking!

Tokyo Badminton Club

Tokyo Badminton Club with Badminton Lesson Sangenjaya, Setagaya, Tokyo

Tokyo Street Hockey Association

We're just a bunch of guys and gals who like to play street hockey. We don't have set teams or uniforms or anything. Each time we play we form teams based on who showed up. Street hockey is basically the same game as ice hockey - the main difference, is, of course, it's played on the street and not on ice.


WWOOF Japan works to facilitate visitors to Japan to get below the veneer of tourism and for the Japanese to break away from their daily grind to have genuine and new experiences with Japanese and other people, society and culture, on organic farms and elsewhere.

Yokohama Country and Athletic Club (YC/AC)

The YC&AC offers a very comprehensive array of sporting facilities and programs. We invite you to browse through as we guarantee you'll find something of interest within.