Cycling and Bike Touring

Bicycle Culture Center

Whether you are cycling alone or in a group, you will have fun as long as you plan according to physical fitness and experience.

Bicycle for Everyone's Earth

BEE Japan is an awareness through-action group that promotes environmental awareness and green living in Japan with an annual ride from Wakkanai, Hokkaido to Kyushu or Okinawa.

Japan Cycling Federation (JCF)

The Japan Cycling Federation (JCF) is responsible for unification and representation of the various aspects of the Japanese cycling world. It is our hope that the development and popularization of this sport will also contribute to everyone's health and well-being.

Japan Cycling Navigator

Please discover the beautiful nature in Japanese. Riding bicycle in rural area is very comfortable, although it is a little bit tough in urban area because of heavy traffic. Nice scenery in rural area makes your cycling tour impressed and unforgettable one.

Kansai Cycling

KANcycling is short for "KANSAI cycling", Kansai being the western part of Honshu which includes Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe. However, this site includes routes throughout the country, not just those in the Kansai.

Semas Racing Team

Semas racing is one of the fastest growing cycling clubs in Japan. We have two large teams in Chiba; one based in Makuhari & one based in Shin Matsudo. We have riders in all age groups and levels and always welcome new members or riding partners at our training sessions.

Sweet Riders

Don't miss your chance to join in the fun! With new sponsors on board, and an increase in the number of camps in order to serve you better, we look forward to assuring you a fantastic Sweet Riders experience this season!!

Tokyo Cycling

Group of western MTB cyclists in who are living in Tokyo Area.

Tokyo Cycling Club

Biking with fun !

Tokyo Freewheel

We are a motley band of urban cyclists based in Tokyo, Japan. Check out the FAQ in the Database, or plumb our resources in the Links section & post your own. Better yet, join us for expeditions around this charming little hamlet we call home. We're sort of nice! And we drink beer!