Fitness Japan Directory and Links

We are regularly out on the web searching for information regarding fitness and sports in Japan. When we come across a site or topic we find interesting, we will post it here for you.

If you know of any good links or resources publicly available in English, drop us a line on and we will review the site accordingly and add it if appropriate. We appriciate your assistance !

Winter and Snow Sports


Running and Walking

 »  Deep Powder Tours
 »  SkiJapan
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 »  Hokkaido Hikes
 »  Namban Rengo, Tokyo's International Running Club
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Cycling and Bike Touring


Football and Soccer

 »  Bicycle Culture Center
 »  Bicycle for Everyone's Earth
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 »  Foot Square
 »  FootyJapan
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 »  Kazusa Monarch Country Club
 »  Success Stories Japan
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 »  Kanto Cricket Association of Japan
 »  NPO JISI - Childrens Cricket
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Outdoor Adventures


Martial Arts

 »  Brief Shikoku Pilgrimage Guide
 »  Canyoning Adventures
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 »  Ki Aikido Training in Japan
 »  Ki Aikido Yoga
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Camping and Hostels

 »  Ashtanga Yoga Japan
 »  be yoga
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 »  KOA Campgrounds
 »  ToCoo
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Personal Trainer

 »  Fly Fishing in Japan
 »  Lure Fishing in Japan
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 »  Getting in good shape
 »  M2Training - Results for your body
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Organizations and Associations


Charity Organizations

 »  Baloon Sport Club Tokyo
 »  Ice Skating on Okinawa
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 »  Hope International
 »  Run for the Cure
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Useful Resources


 »  CareerLingual - Multilingual Jobs
 »  Japan Meteorological Agency
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